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Budgie for sale

Few pair's of Budgies for sale £20 each and £40 a pair top quality good health and beautiful colour if u r interested please feel free to contact me, 07950888534



Hand tame beautiful male baby budgie

He's really sweet and doesn't make much noise, he is currently being hand tamed and is fine to be handled He's a yellow headed blue budgie (rainbow)Sold wi...



Birds kakarikis yellow an green pair comes as seen in picture with cadge

Kakarikis pair green an yellow comes with cadge 2 years old there abouts



Pair gold silkies

Excellent show stock pair, hen and cock 2015 birds, fit and healthy birds £30 Ono text more information cheers



Trio of guinea fowl

Lovely trio of guinea fowl. Both hens started laying in late spring and have an unrelated male. Will be sold together so please do not ask for individual prices.Thanks



Two Young Budgies

Two Young Budgies 1Yellow black /green Pied 1 Whitewing Blue Spangle Both eating and drinking well ==== Price is each Bird ====



Tame parrot with new cage/toys and food

We are looking for a lovely forever home for Charlie due to work becoming busy and we don't want him being left alone all the time.He/she is not DNA sexed but believ...



4 lohan brown laying hens

Here are my 4 laying hens ive sadly had to put up for sale. Due to work commitments and not being able to let them out there run to wonder around as my mrs carnt catch em...



Japanese quail pairs

Pair of Japanese quails 4 weeks old, 1 male & 1 female. Healthy & strong.£15.00 for both of them. Also have a trio of Rhode island red bantams in lay for sale. Please ph...



Spanish Timbrado Canaries

Flighted and un flighted, crested and non crested greens as seen in photos, sorry i dont have any other colours, fantastic singers, great breeders, ideal for muling, £20...



Young budgies

Young budgies for sale £15 each colours in pics above semi tame Lovely friendly little Pet birds to have.



Caquie parrot

Caquie Parrot, this breed aren't good speakers but they are very sociable and very affectionate . Due to new work commitments we no longer can supply the attention t...



Budgies for sale

young Budgies for sale 8-12 weeks, blues, greens, blue pied and yellow pied £12.50-£15



Two Male Serama Bantam for sale

Serama Bantam smallest chicken in the world. Eating drinking well and very healthy both 10. {NO TIME WASTERS}



turkey poults for sale

I have for sale turkey poults for more info ring on 07864590999



Pekin cockerels for sale

1 bobtail, 1 cuckoo, 1 lavender, 1 Colombian Pekin and 1 White silkie cockerels. £7.50 each Ono. Contact Chris 07557276179



Siskin Mules

I am selling 3 baby Siskin mules they are 6 weeks old the mum is a lemon Spanish raza all in very good condition £55 each



O shamo asil thai

Asil shamo thai birds for sale young growers and adults good healthy Birds




Parrotlets for sale 1 male 1 female not hand tamed £50 for the to of them



Brinsea Mini Eco Incubator used for quail eggs and chickens

Brinsea Mini Eco Incubator In excellent condition,with box and manual. I'm Based in the Manchester area and will deliver to local areas Thanks